水のいらない安心・長期保存可能な液体ミルクを日本の被災地へ送る支援活動をしています。Ready-to-feed milk for infants are water needless,safe,quick,and have a long-lasting shelf life.We are engaged in aid activities to send such milk to Japan.


During the 'BABYJAM Charity Event' held on June 19th,
the activities of Milk for Japan and the ready-to-feed
milk formula distributed to the attendees.

Also, there was a Ready-to-feed milk formula exhibit.


I think that this event was a excellent medium to
inform and educate the mothers and fathers regarding
the Milk for Japan activities and Ready-to-feed milk.

"Tokyo Kids Party BABY JAM" supports mothers and fathers
who want to attend dress function events, but still be
able to bring along their children. This party answers
this need byarranging a party that the whole family, can enjoy.

In this charity event, many mothers and fathers with young
babies attended, and enjoyed the various events Though I
personally was only able to attend for a short time,
there was many different fun events, and I really enjoyed
the occasion.

Blog of "BABYJAM"
http:// ameblo. jp/baby jambaby jam/


Team LA kanoko

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