水のいらない安心・長期保存可能な液体ミルクを日本の被災地へ送る支援活動をしています。Ready-to-feed milk for infants are water needless,safe,quick,and have a long-lasting shelf life.We are engaged in aid activities to send such milk to Japan.


Hello everyone.
In the city of Yokosuka, where I live, I am able to purchase
ready-to- feed-milk in the U.S. military base.
When my Japanese friend heard about the product, she was so
interested, that I gave her some for her baby to try.
Here’s what she had to say:


(A) It takes a load off of your backpack when you’re outing
with your baby.
When using conventional powder milk, you would be carrying
(1) boiled & cooled water
(2) powder or cube-type milk
(3) bottle & nipple, whereas for the ready-to-feed-milk,
you only need the product and a nipple.
(B) Saves time for mixing, which means less waiting time for
the hungry baby.
(C) Less waiting time means less crying, so less hassle in public
places etc.
(D) Less work for mommy in the middle of the night or when
she’s tired. Daddy can easily feed the baby, too.
(E) It has a long shelf life at normal temperature, making
it reliable in emergency circumstances.
(In cases of earthquakes which may affect our lifelines,
we can rely on this for our babies)

I think (E) is the most important point she had to make.
There are still possibilities of big earthquakes, and
when/if the lifelines are affected, this product will be
needed for sure.
For those shelters who say that they have enough supply of
powder milk and water for now,
they should consider stocking this for emergency purposes.


I am raising my children in Japan now, and my daughter
(19 months now) grew up on both Japanese and American milk.
She has rarely been sick, and is healthy as she can be.
Since the ready-to-feed-milk is an unknown product to the
Japanese care-takers, and because it’s a foreign product,
I can understand the parents’ concern (ingredients etc.) ,
but I can assure you that my child is really healthy and
I have no worries in recommending this product.(^-^)

Team Mixi ☆MAKOTO☆

[2011/05/05 14:30] | Team Mixi
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