水のいらない安心・長期保存可能な液体ミルクを日本の被災地へ送る支援活動をしています。Ready-to-feed milk for infants are water needless,safe,quick,and have a long-lasting shelf life.We are engaged in aid activities to send such milk to Japan.

Hello everyone.

'Overseas Birth & Child Care Consultant' Ms.Nora Kohri
expressed her sympathy for our goal.

Ms.Nora Kohri: http://p.tl/QG6y

Ms.Nora Kohri, who has a lot of books published regarding birth
practices and child-care practices in foreign countries,
as described in wikipedia,

She contributed an article regarding our activities,
which we would like to introduce to you.

       ~Providing Ready-to-Feed Milk for Japan~
        Overseas Birth & Child Care Consultant
                 Nora Kohri

There has already been over 20 years of history established
in the western countries.

It was in 1994 when I first introduced the ready-to-feed milk
(liquid milk for infants) to Japan, through the publication
of How to raise children overseas with a relief.
In this book, the formulas for babies from foreign countries
were presented, along with other foreign products for raising
children. There, I introduced that in foreign countries,
there are milk products such as ready-to-feed milk, as well
as concentrated milk that the consumer can dilute with water,
other than the regular powder formulas.

◆ What We Learned from the Great Hanshin Earthquake Disaster
After the book’s publication, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
struck Japan and there were difficulties in securing babies’
milk supplies during the relief. The necessity of ready-to-feed
milk during the disaster emergency arose to a considerable topic
of discussion. Later in April, the existence of the ready-to-feed
milk was introduced to Japanese people as “liquid milk for infants”
in the Asahi Newspaper. However, the liquid formulas were never
produced in Japan after that point.

◆ The Merits of the Liquid Milk
In the United States, the liquid formulas are sold just like the
powder formulas in general supermarkets and drug stores.
The liquid milk is actively used especially in hospitals.
The greatest benefit of the liquid formulas is that the user can
open the bottles’ lid and feed the baby just as it is.
The liquid formulas save the troubles of preparation for the powder
formulas, such as measuring the powdered milk, boiling some water,
and then dissolving the formula with the hot water. Moreover,
some liquid milk products can be preserved in room temperature.
The one-time disposable bottle types can feed babies by simply
removing the lids and attaching the nipple caps on them.
There also are disposable nursing bottles and nipples produced
in the United States. Therefore, as long as the liquid formulas
are packed in plastic milk bags, babies can be fed even if
the adults are put into situations where they cannot wash or
sterilize the bottles.

◆Ready-to-Feed Formulas Are Most Useful in Times of Disasters
These formulas are most reliable at times of disasters.
During disaster, access to safe water will be limited,
power shortage will hinder people from boiling water,
bottled water will vanish from store shelves, mental shocks
from earthquakes will hinder mothers from breastfeeding,
there will be a shortage of baby bottles, as well as hygiene
problems for the bottles. In these situations, ready-to-feed
formulas will be a lifeline for the bottle-fed babies.

◆In Various Situations
Ready-to-feed infant formulas come in handy on the go and
during travels. For example, in cases of using powder formulas,
one will have to carry nursing bottles, powdered milk and hot
water in a thermos bottle, which takes up room and makes it
heavy to carry around. The liquid milk can also be a great
help for busy, working mothers or for caretakers when they
become ill. It will encourage women’s social advancement,
along with helping all caretakers to feel more ease when going
out with their babies.

◆As an Option for the Japanese Caretakers
Even though it is true that liquid formulas are more expensive
comparing to powdered milk, I think that it is important to
have the liquid formulas as an option to choose from.
Therefore, I truly hope that the necessary changes in Japanese
regulations will be made, encouraging the Japanese dairy
manufacturers to produce such formulas, and to permit
the importation of liquid formulas from overseas.

05/18/2011 Nora Kohri:
”Care the World” → http://www.caretheworld.com

After the Great Hanshin Earthquake, she contributed article
which was written about the necessity of ready-to-feed milk,
in the Asahi Newspaper.

We think this earthquake to show the rise in the necessity
of ready-to-feed milk in Japan.
Many people are learning the necessity and convenience of
the ready-to-feed formula, and Milk for Japan's next action
is to bring about the manufacture and sales of this formula
in Japan in the future.

Thank you for Ms.Nora Kohri.

Team Mixi Cobaaaax

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