水のいらない安心・長期保存可能な液体ミルクを日本の被災地へ送る支援活動をしています。Ready-to-feed milk for infants are water needless,safe,quick,and have a long-lasting shelf life.We are engaged in aid activities to send such milk to Japan.

Hello, everyone.

On May 23, 1,200 each of ready-to-feed milk bottles (Similac Advance
and Soylsomi by Abbott Labs) and disposable nipples were delivered
to the disaster response headquarters of Rikuzen-Takata City Hall
in Iwate prefecture.


A representative from Stand Up for Japan went to the local office
to meet the mayor of Rikuzen-Takata City, Mr. Futoshi Toba.

We posted instruction manuals and ingredient lists of the milk on
each boxes. In addition, the representative handed the duplicate
copies of the instructions and the ingredients just in case,
as well as the pictures drawn for the victims of the disaster
by the students who attend Japanese preschools and elementary
schools in Los Angels.


Hereafter, the milk will be distributed to families through
physical examinations and vaccinations for infants that will
be hosted at the disaster response headquarters of Rikuzen-Takata
City Hall. With the cooperation from the local NPOs, the milk
will be carried to the other households also.


In addition, Stand Up for Japan is planning on hosting several
charity baseball lessons with the participation from former pro
baseball players, such as Kazuhiro Kiyohara (a famous retired
pro baseball player in Japan).
These lessons will be held at elementary schools with remaining
school grounds in Rikuzen-Takata.

The Wall Street Journal Japan
“The Destiny Shook by the Earthquake Disaster—The Agony of the
Mayor of Rikuzen-Takata”
(This article is only available in Japanese.)

We promise to continue our relief efforts for the Japanese
disaster victims in the future.

Ai Nester
Etsuko Honda

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