水のいらない安心・長期保存可能な液体ミルクを日本の被災地へ送る支援活動をしています。Ready-to-feed milk for infants are water needless,safe,quick,and have a long-lasting shelf life.We are engaged in aid activities to send such milk to Japan.

Hello all,

(left): Mr.Sato, founder of PEACE JAM
(middle): Mr.Osaka, Hometown Ambassador of Rikuzen-Takada-city
and uncle of MFJ leader.
(right): Staff member of temporary office of Rikuzen-Takada City Hall

We are very excited to say that on 26 May, we have delivered
480 bottles of ready-to-feed infant formulas, along with
matching number of disposable nipples, shipped from the U.S.,
to the wonderful staff members of PEACE JAM, a group of young
locals (who themselves have been affected by the tsunami , too)
volunteering to help babies in the disaster area of Kesenuma-city,
Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

The motto of PEACE JAM Kesenuma is “No Hungry Baby”.
They are collecting and delivering baby-goods to homes, hospitals,
nursing homes, shelters, and city hall in the disaster area.

Mr.Sato, founder of PEACE JAM was a restaurant/bar owner in Kesenuma,
but he lost his restaurant/bar in the tsunami.
The whole building, everything but the toilet was washed away.
But, that didn’t stop him from founding a volunteer group to help
the young parents and babies in the area.

For more info on PEACE JAM, check (Japanese oonly):

For those who wish to support PEACE JAM. they accept cash
donations in Japanese Yen , and gift certificates
(only which are usable in Japan please) at the following
bank a/c and address:

By bank transfer:
Okazaki Shinyo Kinko
Toyota Minami Branch
Account number : 9014225
Account name : Ken Sato, Peace Jam chairman

By snail mail:
Okuda Mihamacho Chitagun Aichiken
c/o Nihon Fukushi University, Office of professor Goto
TEL: 0569-87-2319
The following photos are some recent snaps of Rikuzen-Takata
city (courtesy of PEACE JAM)
Although two months has already passed from the tsunami, we can
still see the ruins of the whole city. The tsunami swept away
the whole city. There is still a long, long road ahead of us
to support Japan’s recovery.


Milk For Japan will continue to support the activities of PEACE JAM.
Some of our team members wrote up reports on their own blog.
Here they are:

From Japan: Nami Sasaki’s blog
(she’s one of the translators of MFJ blog, also)
From California: ASAMI’s blog (She’s the leader of our L.A. team)
From California: IchikoLA’s blog (She’s a member in L.A.)

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support
for this project.

From the Webmaster (MFJ)

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